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AGC Flat Glass Europe

AGC Flat Glass Czech a.s. dramatically cuts glass-handling risks by selecting the right Ansell gloves.

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Petra Chromcová, Safety Manager at AGC Flat Glass Czech a.s.: «The regular personal contacts we have with a specialist from Ansell are invaluable. He visits our locations, analyses the operating stations, assesses our requirements and organises tests with protective gloves.»

Profile of AGC Flat Glass Czech a.s.

AGC Flat Glass Czech a.s. employs 2500 people at 6 production sites and 9 distribution centres in Czech republic and is the leading manufacturer of float glass and its applications in Central and Eastern Europe. The company's output is distributed successfully in European markets, as well as through the AGC Group's worldwide sales network. As the world's leading manufacturer of float glass and its applications in Europe, the AGC group - which is part of the world's dominant glass manufacturer - Asahi Glass Co, Ltd.

1000 days of using Ansell gloves without an injury…

As the leader in its industry, AGC Flat Glass Czech a.s. has conducted an in-depth modernisation programme on its production equipment in recent years. The company is constantly optimising its productivity, particularly for the manufacture of high added-value glass capable of providing protection from heat, cold, noise, fire, intruders and accidents. Manufactured in AGC Flat Glass' Czech factories, products such as Pyrobel special laminated fire-resistant glass are now distributed throughout the entire world.

Benefits for AGC Flat Glass Czech a.s.

  • Solid partnership with experienced provider offering a total overview of requirements and solutions
  • Personal and direct contact with a "supplier/consultant"
  • Ongoing glove testing process organised by Ansell
  • Innovative solutions for protective gloves
  • Guaranteed supplies: Ansell has delivery agreements with its distributors to ensure that sufficient stocks are available at all times
  • Ansell's international presence makes it easier for the best protection solutions to be shared with the other companies in the AGC group.
  • Economies of scale in terms of the direct and indirect costs associated with safety.

The challenge: to cut down on staff numbers while boosting personal protection

To accompany the restructuring of its facilities and the major rationalisation of its workforce, as well as to guarantee its productivity into the future, AGC Flat Glass Czech a.s. has introduced a series of preventative measures aimed at maximising safety at work. As a result of these efforts, the company has been awarded OHSAS 18001 certification, the highly sought-after international benchmark for health and safety management. Among all these initiatives, the search for the most appropriate solutions for protecting the hands of operators at the various operating stations in the production process remains a constant priority. Despite the large-scale automation of the company's processes, handling, cutting and storing glass continue to present significant risks in terms of cuts and bruises. "Being unable to get a good grip on the glass and having uncomfortable hands while you are working can result in sheets of glass being dropped," points out Petra Chromcová, Safety Manager at AGC Flat Glass Czech a.s.. "And apart from the material losses involved, it can also mean serious injuries to hands and legs - injuries that can occasionally be fatal. Also, the special and sometimes sensitive surfaces involved with modern qualities of glass create an additional difficulty when it comes to selecting the most appropriate protective gloves to use. It's our priority to avoid any possible deterioration to the surface caused by handling this glass with materials that are too rough."

The solution: enforced compliance, precise information and relevant PPE selection

OHSAS 18001 establishes a clear theoretical framework for managing risks. AGC Flat Glass Czech a.s. supplements this by taking a pragmatic and systematic approach to the wearing of personal protection equipment. "When it came to gloves, we called in Ansell to help us," continues Petra Chromcová. "After visiting six of our production sites in person, the specialists at Ansell defined the risks and requirements specific to each operating station. They then put forward a series of gloves for testing, some of which were replaced by others based on feedback from the operators, depending on whether they needed more or less sensitivity to touch. They also looked for a balance between protection against cuts, the specific needs involved in handling the glass, quality of grip, etc." After 6 months of testing, AGC selected the 4 types of Ansell gloves and sleeves best suited to each operation, all of which provided a sufficient level of protection against cuts. Then, to make sure staff actually wore the gloves, clear information about the right PPE to use was displayed at each of the operating stations and only that particular equipment was made available there. Any operators reluctant to adopt the gloves are immediately pulled into line by the people in charge of safety.

The benefits: enhanced safety, productivity and operator satisfaction

In addition to achieving a record period of 1000 days without any injuries at all in the plant in Kryry, AGC Flat Glass Czech a.s.'s adoption of Ansell gloves has created numerous benefits, both for the company and its staff:

  • Dramatic reduction in the number of accidents requiring external assistance (reduced by 70% in 5 years)
  • Fewer production stoppages due to injuries
  • Greater productivity and faster glass-handling procedures thanks to the combination of protection, comfort and sensitivity provided by the gloves.
  • Reduced operator fatigue
  • Fewer losses associated with glass breakages
  • Good protection of the surface of the glass
  • Excellent acceptance by operators

Ansell products used

  • NitraSafe®, for protection against cuts

  • Sol-Vex®, for chemical resistance combined with comfort

  • Gladiator®, providing better performance for light-to-medium stress glass handling and excellent wet-and-dry grip produced by the crinkle finish

  • PVA ® , for cost-cutting protection against organic solvents

  • Neptune ® Kevlar ® sleeves , for effective forearm protection, with unaffected handling dexterity

  • HyFlex® 11-628, 11-630 , for balance of comfort and sure handling with superior cut resistance


  • Ansell: Wouter Piepers, Communications Director Ansell Healthcare - Tel:+32 (0)2 528 75 68, e-mail:

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