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Clinique Herbert

At the Herbert Clinic, the sustained rate of surgical procedures no longer has an adverse effect on surgeons’ hands.

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Dr VerjuxHerbert Clinic Logo
Dr Verjux, orthopaedic surgeon at the Herbert Clinic: "Since I have been using Ansell Gammex® PF Undergloves in conjunction with hydro-alcohol solutions, my fingers are still nice and flexible at the end of an operation and I now longer suffer from skin irritations to my forearms"

Customer profile

Established in 1980 on the slopes of Aix-les-Bains, in the French Alps, the Herbert Clinic is a surgical establishment that focuses specifically on orthopaedics, with a very strong positioning in dealing with emergencies that come in from the ski resorts.
The Herbert Clinic has a capacity 89 beds and places, with 75 surgical beds and 14 day-surgery places. The Clinic’s technical equipment is organised around 6 operating theatres, a sterilisation unit and a post-op care facility.
In 1993, the Herbert Clinic joined the ‘Groupe Général de Santé’, which is the leading European private hospital group, with a total of 124 establishments specialising in general medical, surgery, obstetrics, psychiatry, follow-up care and rehabilitation, oncology and care in the home.

Orthopaedic surgery with a high level of comfort

Located within easy reach of the ambulances coming from the major Alpine winter sports resorts, the Herbert Clinic becomes extremely busy during the winter months on account of the many skiing accidents that occur on the slopes. Having to deal with a never-ending succession of procedures, the surgeons at the Clinic were also having to deal with serious problems of irritations to the hands and rashes on their forearms. But since adopting the new Ansell Gammex® PF Underglove, they are now able to leave their operating theatres with their hands and skin still soft and supple.

Benefits for the customer

  • Optimum protection for both surgeon and patient.
  • Hand comfort and care for practitioners.
  • Standardisation of the range.

With a team of a hundred or so care-providers, including about 30 practitioners and 12 surgeons, the Herbert Clinic handles more than 24 000 surgical hospitalisations every year.
Dr Thierry Verjux is one of the Clinic’s 3 orthopaedic surgeons and during the three months of winter, he performs over 150 operations on skiers who have had accidents, in addition to his standard schedule of operations.

The challenge: to protect surgeons’ hands against the acute risks of orthopaedic surgery while providing a maximum level of comfort.

At the Herbert Clinic, as is the case elsewhere, orthopaedic surgery presents significant risks for surgeons in terms of percutaneous exposures to bloodborne pathogens from patients who are infected – often without knowing it themselves – by the hepatitis B and C virus, as well as HIV. "The number of instruments and ancillary tools we use and the numerous arthroplasties that we perform often require us to exert ourselves physically. As a result, there is even more risk of gloves being perforated – and hence of contamination through blood – than there is in general surgery," explains Dr Verjux. "Our gloves can also get caught in our instruments. Not to mention bone splinters, which can be responsible for perforations that you often don’t even notice until it’s too late, when it comes taking your gloves off."

On some days in winter, Dr Verjux can be in the operating suite for ten or more procedures in a row. Until now, constantly wearing gloves and repeated hand-washing sessions using powerful disinfectants were having fairly disastrous consequences for the skin. "At the end of each winter, I would have the impression that my hands and forearms were just a mass of rashes and irritation," recalls Dr Verjux.

The solution: Ansell inner-gloves with no powder plus hydro-alcohol solutions.

To reduce the rate of perforations, not to mention the risk of exposure, the surgeons at the Herbert Clinic use double-gloving, with a change of gloves every hour.
The medical team has also introduced new methods for protecting and washing their hands. In an effort to standardise all of its requirements, the Clinic wanted to find a single supplier to provide the entire range of medical gloves used by practitioners. Ansell was selected for the quality of its service and products, whose low allergenic levels are achieved by the almost total absence of latex protein and endogenic allergens.

"We went for the far less aggressive combination of hydro-alcohol solutions and powder-free inner-gloves," says Dr Verjux. "I had the opportunity of testing the Ansell Gammex® PF Underglove for an entire ski season: And it was the first winter I did not have any skin problems! With this glove – which makes us look a little like extra-terrestrials – you hardly notice any perspiring, skin maceration or clammy hands. High resistant to tears, the glove doesn’t rumple up at your fingertips. It moulds well to the hand and has a softer ‘feel’ than other gloves. In addition, Ansell’s HydraSoft® technology, integrated into the inner coating of the glove, makes it easy to don while also rehydrating the skin. This enables it to provide protection against the effects of wearing gloves for long periods and frequent contacts with antibacterial solutions."

The benefits: a combination of good protection, dexterity and comfort.
By opting for the Ansell Gammex® PF Underglove, the Herbert Clinic is providing both the surgical teams and patients alike with better guarantees of safety and comfort. :

  • Optimum protection for surgeons against infectious diseases.
  • Low risk of allergies for healthcare staff and patient sensitivity to latex.
  • High level of anatomical comfort and tactile sensitivity.

Ansell products used


  • Ansell: Wouter Piepers, Communications Director Ansell Healthcare - Tel: + 32 (0)2 528 75 68 , e-mail:

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